The first responsibility of the new Mayor will be to establish a collaborative, cooperative relationship between the full time mayor and the part time city council to address community issues. Implementing our new system of government and providing leadership to our community will take a joint effort if we are to be successful.

As Mayor, I will establish regular meetings with the CEO’s of Pueblo businesses for the purpose of identifying needs, problems and ways that the City can help facilitate their success and expansion.

I will establish regular meetings with the Directors of state agencies with a presence in Pueblo to identify ways in which the City can assist them in the legislature and help them grow.

On going communication with industry and agency leaders will help avoid situations where drastic cuts in employment catch us by suprise when it is too late to take action.

As Mayor I will establish relationships with the Governor and legislative leaders so that Pueblo is always a consideration for economic development prospects.  I will insist that we get our share.

I will establish regular meetings and communication with Pueblo County Commissioners and with the Pueblo West Metropolitan District to facilitate regional projects and planning.

As Mayor I will work with the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce and the Latino Chamber of Commerce  to create, enhance and publicize events that attract visitors to Pueblo from other parts of Colorado and from surrounding states.