Creating a Safe City

Creating a safe city is critical to our economic development efforts and our quality of life.  Our police department and fire department will lead the way in creating a safe City.

As Mayor I will work with City Council to establish a no tolerance policy with respect to crime and  gangs and the City will strictly enforce the law.

With the passage of 2B in 2017, and  the addition of more police officers  I will work to diversify the police force through recruitment and promotions.  Response times should dramatically be reduced when the new officers finish training.

As Mayor, I will work with the Police department to ensure that the safety of the public is paramount and that community policing is  encouraged.

As Mayor I will collaborate  to create a justice system that is efficient and effective  and penalties will be quick and consistent.

As Mayor I will work with the City Council to develop and fund a plan for the regular replacement of vehicles and equipment so that our first responders have reliable resources and protective devices.